Updated at 26/08/2021

Informed Consent Form

You are being invited as a volunteer to participate in the research u201cInformalcool - Evaluation of the effectiveness of Brief-intervention steps to reduce the consumption of alcohol assisted by computer u201d.

We emphasize that your data will be treated with maximum confidence and that at no time will your data be passed on to third parties. Evaluating the data of the site users is necessary so that we can build increasingly elaborate intervention tools.

In this study, we intend to evaluate the effectiveness of different virtual interventions for reducing alcohol consumption.

The reason that leads us to study this subject is the relevance of the damages associated with the consumption of alcohol that could be avoided through the computer-based intervention in terms of public health, as has been demonstrated in several countries around the world (Holland, England, Sweden, Mexico, India, and Belarus).

The procedures will be carried out as follows: we will evaluate the answers provided by each user during the navigation on the website, the scores of the AUDIT and the questionnaires, and the website usage.

To participate in this studyyou will have no cost,you will have no cost,

You will be informed about the study in any aspect you wish and be free to participate or refuse to participate.

You may withdraw your consent or discontinue participation at any time.

Your voluntary participation and refusal to participate will not incur any penalty or modification in the form in which you will be assisted. The researcher will treat your identity with professional standards ofconfidentiality.

Once again we emphasize thatyou will not be identifiedin any publication that may result from this study. This study presents a minimal risk, that is, the same risk that exists in routine activities such as talking, bathing, reading, etc. Despite this, you have been guaranteed the right to compensation or indemnification in the event of any damages eventually produced by the research.

The data and instruments used in the research will be archived with the researcher responsible for a period of 5 years, after which time it will be destroyed.

I was informed of the objectives of the present study in a clear and detailed way and clarified my doubts. I know that at any time I will be able to request new information and modify my decision to participate if I so wish.I declare that I agree to participate in this study.

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