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Updated at 26/08/2021


Welcome to the "Alcohol & Health" website. For the website use to be satisfactory and not offensive to you, it is important to read, understand and agree to the following terms and conditions.

This website was developed to be a public service, offering information and a program to help people at risk of alcohol consumption.

The program complements traditional approaches that aim to help people drink less and do not replaces the consultation with health professionals.

The program is experimental and will be tested for clinical effectiveness.

Login to the site

Some of the pages on the website are freely accessible to all visitors. However, access to the program requires free registration. If there is interest on the user's part, it is necessary to choose a username and password. Username and password must be kept confidential and must not be shared with any other user. Visitors are requested not to disclose their username and password to third parties.


  • Use the name of another person, username, or password when accessing this site, without prior consent;
  • Write or transmit any material that may, in some way, defame, offend or cause discomfort to any person; be obscene or that in any way interfere with the use of other users on this site;
  • Provide any information for the website that is confidential or owned by third parties;
  • Use this website in any way that may violate laws, rules or regulations or the rights of third parties; or
  • Transmit viruses or any content that interferes with the functionality of the website.


Every effort has been made to ensure that the information and materials contained in this website are completely true and non-harmful. The materials and information provided were evaluated by experts in preventing alcohol abuse and by people who have already used the strategy of drinking less.

The website does not guarantee that the services will be made available uninterruptedly or constantly.

Although the services proposed by the website are intended to provide help to smokers, they are free and encouraged to consult health professionals. All users must use this one at their own risk.

Third-Party Services and Materials

The information contained on this site may include services and information from third parties. Third-party content and services will be made available with prior approval.


This website contains links to other websites that are not under control or maintained by us. Third-party links are provided for convenience and information. If the user accesses this information, the risks of use are the sole responsibility of the user. The fact that a third-party website is linked to it does not necessarily imply a sponsorship relationship or that the third-party website is affiliated with it.

Changes to Information, Products, and Services

Information, products, and services published on this website are subject to change without prior notice.

Information made available by the website

People enrolled in the Alcohol & Health program make information related to their content involuntarily available. Once made available, the information owned by the user can be reproduced, published, transmitted, made available, subject to the obligations of the Privacy Policy.


All website content, including programs, design, texts, and graphics, are licensed by the General Public License - GNU, guaranteeing the freedom to use the content Use the program for any purpose, modify the program, share with your colleagues and friends and share the changes you make.

See the full GNU GPL license.


This website contains trademarks and logos of third parties registered, protected by law. It is not allowed to use them without prior consent.


If the user disregards the terms and conditions of the website, their access may be limited or prohibited.

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